Bolaji Badejo: The Actor Behind the Xenomorph 

With a height of 208 cm (6'10"), Bolaji Badejo embodied the Alien in "Alien." He became the stereotypical monster, dressed in an outfit that included elongated limbs and a skeletal, biomechanical appearance.

Using skillful cinematography to enhance the Alien's unsettling aura through camera angles, lighting, and framing, the special effects crew amplified this effect.

Following his move to Nigeria in 1980, Badejo turned down roles in the "Alien" sequels, which resulted in a greater use of puppetry and animation in these movies. That movie "Alien" is still his only credit.

He established an art gallery in Nigeria in 1983 before he unfortunately died at the age of 39 from sickle cell illness in 1992.